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Monday, September 3, 2007

American Gothic Soldiers

Art contest or commentary?  What is art but making you stop and think.  This is one picture that did it for me.  It is of course photoshopped but the means aren't important.  Its the impact.

Original... farmerwithpitchforkoriginal  American Gothic Soldiers American-Gothic-Soldiers-31308 comment that was left about American Gothic Soldiers...

"I'm not a professional artist so my comments are not in that fashion. What I wanted to comment to you about was what effect your picture had. Depressed and proud at the same time, sorry we have come so far that we are depicting farmers in war gear, that it is indeed possible or rather quite accepted to visualize this happening in the US. I realize that our youth from the heartland of America (or rather the heart of America) are going to defend us but to contemplate that mom and pop will have to gear up while still on the farm made me pause. Nice job. "


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